Saburi Ply is a dynamic, professionally managed manufacturing Company. A leader in the panel products industry in India from two decades. Mr.Gajanand Munka

know about Saburi Ply

Saburi Ply is a dynamic, versatile professionally managed plywood manufacturer in India. We have emerged as one of the reliable and leading manufacturer of superior quality plywood and panel boards in India. It can be used extensively for making furniture, doors, cupboards and much more. Our customers have the facility to avail plywood in various sizes and thickness at affordable price range. Our valued customers trust us and we convert their requirements and concepts into reality.

With a humble beginning more than two decades ago by Chairman, Mr Gajanand Munka in Kolkata, it aims to offer quality plywood and be a trustworthy partner for their plywood needs.

At Saburi Ply we do not merely bank on the existing profile of successful products, but we also continuously introduce futuristic products for the benefit of our customers.

Our sales team is sincere, homely, devoted and we also have long relation with our clients. We aim at maintaining a healthy relation with the retailers and manufacturers.

Saburi Ply is committed to further strengthen its leading position in the Indian Plywood Industry by delivering better than the best. Providing “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” to us.

We check the reports of the products and if needed we can check the same in our laboratory. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to us to improve the quality of products.

Made from 100 % Eucalyptus and Phenol Bonded .

Process & Quality

Saburi Plywood is produced through an automated manufacturing process which ensures uniform quality on every parameter. State-of-the-art machines that ensure perfection at every step, numerically controlled and calibrated temperature, pressure and duration, and automated material transfer helps maintain quality and also conserve energy.

An in-house recycling process ensures maximum utilization of available raw materials, which enables conservation of precious raw materials. A cutting-edge monitoring and quality control system maintains consistent and optimal moisture content, thickness of veneer, quality of veneer and adhesive spread, and all machinery operation. Only after a complete quality check is the material certified fit for sale.


  • Sectioning of logs
  • Peeling of logs
  • Clipper
  • Drying
  • Moisture Test
  • Core Composing, Assembling & Gluing
  • Hot Press Process
  • DD Saw and Sanding
  • Preservative Treatment
  • Inspection
  • Finished Product, Rip Saw
  • Machine, Assembling Timber, Treatment, Seasoning

Go green with

The world over, thanks to the dire environmental conditions and the imminent threat of extreme global warming, every industry is waking up to the need for greener processes, technology, resources and end-products.

The construction and realty industry and the interiors business are no exceptions. To develop buildings which are eco-friendly – with lowest possible energy consumption, and minimal or no adverse impact on the environment, the demand is on for construction materials and products that meet the requisite criteria and are therefore certified Green Products.

Which is why, plywood has come as a boon to these industries. Contrary to the popular perception that plywood production entails felling of trees and therefore, depletion of forestland, the facts are very different.

Did you know that?

  • Wood used for making plywood is sourced from forest farms. These farms follow a sustainable forest management system, where trees are grown on a rotation basis – thereby making the wood produced a renewable resource, not responsible for falling forest cover.
  • The farming of such agricultural timber is a commercial venture that generates employment
  • Iron and steel, the commonly used alternatives to plywood, unlike plywood, are non-renewable resources, and once depleted, cannot be replaced.
  • Energy required to mine and produce iron and steel, and then cast into furniture or interiors, is significantly higher than that required to produce plywood from farmed wood, and then build furniture or interiors with it.
  • Recycling of iron and steel needs many times more energy than that of plywood.
  • The toxic effluents produced by the iron and steel industry are much greater than that of the plywood industry.
  • What’s more, Saburi Plywood is certified by CVI as a recyclable, sustainable, non-polluting product, that is produced using energy efficient equipment and processes which make it a safe bet for the user, and for the planet.

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